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Nakatsui DermaSurgery

Edmonton’s premier dermatology and laser skin care center, continuing a tradition of quality skin care services.

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9670 142 St NW Suite 200, Edmonton, AB T5N 4B2
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Nakatsui DermaSurgery was originally founded by Edmonton dermatologist and skin specialist Dr. Don Groot. After 34 years in the field, Dr. Groot retired in 2014 and his colleague, Dr. Thomas Nakatsui, took over the clinic, which has since become Edmonton’s premier dermatology and laser skin care centre. The highly experienced team at Nakatsui DermaSurgery continues to provide top quality skin care services to the citizens of Edmonton and Alberta.
Dermatologist Dr. Thomas Nakatsui is the medical director of the Nakatsui DermaSurgery Centre, a certified non-hospital surgical facility in Edmonton. He holds a Fellowship in Dermatology in Canada and is also Board certified in the United States. Dr. Nakatsui is skilled in all areas of dermatology including laser surgery, fillers, Botox, and hair transplantation.