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The World’s Most Meticulous Vetting Process

SkinCV is beyond a booking platform for aesthetic procedures. It’s the standard of excellence for life-changing treatments. And in the chaotic world of medical spas, it’s the only thing that matters.

There are over 30,000+ medical spas listed online. The choices are simply overwhelming. The modern standard is dispiriting. Within this unruliness, there is bound to be a better experience. SkinCV’s customer-centric focus cuts through the noise as we value client experience above all else. With this mindset, we’ve already helped over a 2,000 people achieve their goals.

Thank you Google for quantity — but let’s shift to quality.

500 hand-picked clinics from 203 cities across Canada

In the past we’ve all had to trust Google reviews written by complete strangers.

Apparently Ruby from Calgary ‘loved everything about it’, but Paolina thought the clinic was ‘inexperienced and not happy with results’. Who is right? Who is wrong? Does Ruby even exist?

SkinCV puts you back in control.

So, how does the vetting process work?

Our unique blend of industry expertise, customer-centric focus, and pioneering technology propels us into an exceptional league of our own.

Our in-house industry experts interview every provider to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience.