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Medical Rejuvenation Centre

1281 W Georgia St #701, Vancouver, BC V6E 3J7

4.9 (476)

Since 1999, the Medical Rejuvenation Centre, founded by Dr. Robert Morrell, has been providing Vancouver with non-invasive, anti-aging skin care products and procedures. They are a physician-directed medical aesthetic facility, conveniently located in downtown Vancouver. They specialize in advanced, non-invasive products and procedures designed to promote restoration and revitalization.

Client Reviews

I had a great experience at Medical Rejuvenation Centre. I received Botox & fillers, CoolSculpting, and Thermage from Dr. M and was very happy with the results. Coolsculpting has been very effective in reducing my muffin top and Thermage has given me great results for skin tightening.
I had a less than satisfactory experience with Dr. Morrell. After treatment, my under-eye area got darker and I was left with a “sad look”. When I asked if there was something he could do to fix it, he just said “There’s nothing I can do, come back in 2 months.” I advise people to be careful before choosing who will take care of them.

About the Doctors

Dr. Robert Morrell, director of the Medical Rejuvenation Centre, graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Biochemistry program and then graduated from the faculty of medicine. He then continued his studies in internal medicine at McGill University and later became a teaching fellow in Lyon, France. Upon academy completion, Dr. Morrell began practicing medicine in Vancouver and has continued for over 25 years.

Dr. Jasper Ghuman, MD, CCFP (EM), graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan in 2000 before completing the Family Medicine program at the University of Alberta as well as a fellowship in Emergency Medicine at McMaster University.

Dr. Joshua Song studied family medicine at UBC and did his fellowship in hospital medicine at U of T. He works at Surrey Memorial as a physician, clinical educator and executive director of the medical staff association.

Dr. Sara Zeinoddini has always had a passion for medical aesthetics and dermatology. Originally from Iran, she had a career as a cosmetic physician after graduating from the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.