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10112 80 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6V8

4.7 (126)

Their SPA-LIKE Facility is CLEAN, FRESH, MODERN, and COMFORTABLE! From your first consultation, they will work with you to map out your goals, and the processes and steps required to get there. They diligently price out your treatments so you know what to expect

Client Reviews

Customers have had excellent experiences at Tropicalaser and have been very satisfied with their customer care and knowledgeable staff. Samar has been praised for taking the time to educate them on the hair removal process and making them feel comfortable and transparent. They have seen great results after just two sessions.

One customer was disappointed with their experience and results, despite being told that they were a good candidate for hair removal. They had done 8 sessions with no tangible results.

About the Medical Professional

Maie is a Chemical Engineer by training, and has an additional degree in Economics. Maie’s passion during her engineering career was mainly on the business and marketing side so when the opportunity arose to start her own business, she grabbed it and is thoroughly enjoying the experience. Maie believes in lifelong learning, service excellence and continually strives to anticipate client needs with the aim of creating Edmonton’s favourite, technology-driven, results-oriented Spa.