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Steveston MedSpa

6168 London Rd #100, Richmond, BC V7E 0C1

4.4 (38)

Look amazing at Steveston MedSpa and West Seteveston Medical Clinic Anti-aging. You can look more youthful and feel younger today with Metrovan Antiaging services. They can help you look your best!

Client Reviews

I had a great experience at Steveston MedSpa. My doctor, Dr. Nanda, was very helpful and the online booking system was easy to use. I’m also a new patient of Dr. Ahmad and I’ve been very happy with his help.

The staff at Steveston MedSpa are inept and I wouldn’t trust them with time-sensitive documents.

About the Doctor

Dr. Manoj Singhal is the Medical Director and Cosmetic Specialist and oversees all of the clinic’s procedures. Dr. Singhal starts with a comprehensive assessment of your skin texture, quality, pigment, volume loss, and shape.