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Skin Matters Medical Aesthetic Centre

Ethical, professional advice with 30 years of experience, offering safe and effective treatments.

Medical Spa in Vancouver

5299 Arbutus St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4J2
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At Skin Matters, they strive to provide the best ethical and professional medical aesthetic advice and treatment. Simply, they offer the same advice to their patients as they do to their friends and families. With this strict guideline in mind, they offer a carefully selected variety of safe and effective treatment options that they deem appropriate for their patients.
After founding Skin Matters nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Charles Cheng’s extensive experience with injectables and new advancements in technologies continues to offer our patients the most optimal results. Dr. Cheng is among the few physicians in Canada that have achieved the Triple Diamond Level account status in Canada with Allergan (manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic and the Juvederm family of hyaluronic acid fillers). Dr. Kim Liew has been practicing medicine for decades and has extensive experience in the field of medical aesthetics. Dr. Liew is an expert in Botox facial injections and the application of dermal fillers. He uses precise, meticulous, and gentle techniques to fill and reshape facial features. Dr. Liew specializes in lip injections, nose and tear through the filler, and truly embodies the practice of beautiful and natural. Dr. Collin Yong currently holds the distinguished position of Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC. He is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, and a member of the Canadian Pediatrics Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics.