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3740 Chatham St, Richmond, BC V7E 2Z3

5.0 (46)

Medi Spa La Bella is a body sculpting and skin care facility that provides an exhilarating body transformation experience that focuses not only on achieving the results of your wildest expectations but creates your desired results within a coordinated plan to transcend yourself into a model specimen of personal excellence.

At Medi Spa La Bella, they have great pride in the excellence associated with offering the best skin and body treatments available in the world!

Client Reviews

I recently had my 8th treatment at MEDI SPA LA BELLA and I’m amazed at the results. After 7 treatments, I noticed my blemishes and marks reducing and my skin becoming shinier. I experienced some small short-term side effects like a few pimples, but they usually disappeared in a week. The staff were gentle and kind, making the experience very worth it. Overall, I would highly recommend MEDI SPA LA BELLA as they are the best of the best.

About the Medical Professional

Adriana Czech is a Licensed Skin Therapist with an extensive background in personal care. She is also a personal trainer who excels in nutrition, exercise, and strength and conditioning therapy. Thirdly, she is a certified lash technician with a degree in body sculpting and rejuvenation.