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Botox Richmond

Find top-rated clinics for Botox in Richmond near you that perfectly match your needs, are nearby, and ready to deliver a great experience

Top Rated Botox Clinics of 2022 - Richmond, BC

Here are the best Botox clinics in Richmond, BC as rated by the community. These Richmond professionals have received great reviews from customers for cosmetic dermatology related appointments. Find out who made the cut and book your appointment today!

Richmond Ideal Image logo

Ideal Image Richmond BC

11720 Steveston Hwy Suite 125, Richmond, BC V7A 1N6

4.7 (211)

Ideal Image is North America’s #1 aesthetics brand, making personal aesthetics and wellness more affordable, accessible, and effective than ever before. Ideal Image believes “Confidence Changes Everything” and its vision is to make personal aesthetics and wellness accessible for everyone, delivering real results for real people driven by medical experts.

About the Doctor

Dr. Mraz Robinson has served as their Chief Medical Officer since May 2021. After receiving her BAS and MD, she went on to complete her dermatology residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she served as Chief Resident. She then completed a procedural and cosmetic dermatology fellowship.

Richmond PRP logo

PRP Medical Aesthetics

6051 Gilbert Rd. Suite 209, Richmond, BC V7C 3V3

4.9 (60)

They specialize in PRP treatments, including PRP Joint Injections, Hair Restoration, under-eye PRP, Vampire Facial, Priapus P-Shot for men and the O-Shot for women. They are one of the very few clinics in North America using a hematology analyzer to test every PRP sample to ensure highest concentration and purity. They also offer natural, subtle and reasonably priced aesthetic treatments including Botox, Fillers, skin tightening and more.

About the Doctor

Dr. Patrick Yam, MD, CCFP, has been in full time medical practice for over 20 years, with a special interest in aesthetics and regenerative medicine. Dr. Yam is a recognized expert in the field of PRP preparation and use. As a featured speaker, he has given presentations for other international medical organizations such as IMCAS and the Forum of Adipose Tissue and Stem Cells.

Richmond Cosmetic & Laser Clinic logo

Richmond Cosmetic & Laser Clinic

11300 No 5 Rd Suite 210, Richmond, BC V7A 5J7

4.6 (53)

Richmond Cosmetic is a physician directed cosmetic clinic and laser skin practice located in Richmond, BC. We have highly experienced doctors and certified technicians with over a decade of combined experience.

About the Doctor

Dr. Sahih is a member of the following professional associations and licensing bodies:

1. Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada
2. Fellow of Royal College of Physician & Surgeons of Canada in Medicine
3. Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
4. Diplomate, American Board of Geriatric Medicine
5. American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
6. European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology
7. The College of Physician & Surgeons of BC
8. The College of Physician & Surgeons of AB
9. British Columbia Medical Association
10. Alberta Medical Association
11. Canadian Medical Association
12. Medical Council of Canada

Richmond Dr Pinkhasik logo

Dr. Pinkhasik's Richmond Medical Spa Club

6611 No 2 Rd, Richmond, BC V7C 3L5

4.3 (35)

Dr. Pinkhasik’s Richmond Medical Spa Club is a skin rejuvenation and medical aesthetics clinic. Their spacious integrated medical facility offers mostly non-surgical cosmetic treatments in addition to skin rejuvenation procedures. Their cozy yet medically clean and relaxing environment allows you to feel comfortable while enjoying the benefits of our treatments.

About the Doctor

Dr. Pinkhasik graduated from the University of British Columbia Medical School in 1986 and interned at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, B.C. He has practiced in Richmond, B.C. since that time, heading two very busy family practice clinics before opening Medical Spa Club. He is a general practitioner with additional training in aesthetic medicine, laser surgery, Bariatric Medicine, and a fellowship in Phlebology.

Richmond Anti-Aging Clinic 列治文抗衰老医学美容中心 logo

Richmond Anti-Aging Clinic 列治文抗衰老医学美容中心

5580 No. 3 Rd Unit 110, Richmond, BC V6X 2C8

4.9 (203)

Richmond Anti-Aging Clinic specializes in non-surgical anti-aging and regenerative treatments. RAAC is under Midtown Medical Group and has been providing high-quality medical and dental services in Metro Vancouver since 2011.

RAAC serves patients in Metro Vancouver, as well as patients all across Canada, the United States, and Asia.

About the Doctor

Dr. Charles Jiang is a practicing physician in Vancouver, a UBC medical school clinical instructor, a “Doctor Making Difference ”from “Doctors of BC” association. Dr. Jiang led a Canadian medical rescue team in 2008 Sichuan China earthquake and a group of medical professionals for a charity and training program in remote China areas in 2018. Dr. Jiang was awarded as one of the “Ten Outstanding Chinese Canadian Youth” and “Community Contribution Award” in 2008.

Richmond Project Skin logo

Project Skin MD Richmond

6551 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 2B6

4.8 (93)

Welcome to Project Skin MD® Richmond, where you can expect the same extraordinary PS experience in a smaller footprint. They made no compromise here and you shouldn’t settle for less either. Richmond location is meant to be an extension of their Vancouver mothership. Here you can expect the same clinical excellence, customer service attention, expertise, and protocols.

Client Reviews

I had a great experience at Project Skin MD Richmond. Dr. Lo was professional and trustworthy, taking the time to listen and use a conservative dose. The staff was incredibly friendly and warm, making my first experience with Botox go by easily.

Unfortunately, I had a negative experience when I called with a simple question and the staff member hung up saying they were too busy.

About the Doctor

Dr. Jacky Lo understands the skin you’re in! A practicing family physician with a special interest in dermatology, Dr. Jacky Lo grew up here in Vancouver and completed his medical and family medicine training at UBC. Dr. Lo brings a wealth of diverse knowledge, education, and experience to the Project Skin MD Team.

Richmond Profile logo

Profile Laser & SkinCare

4777 Mcclelland Rd #1510, Richmond, BC V6X 2K5

4.8 (230)

Profile Laser & Skincare opened its friendly doors 40 years ago and is still thriving today. It is your home away from home, a sanctuary in your hectic life. Come pamper yourself today with the help of their friendly staff! You will receive one on one attention in a hygienic and calm environment.

Client Reviews

At Profile Laser & SkinCare, I have had a wonderful experience. The staff is knowledgeable and take great care to make sure I am comfortable and safe. The facilities are clean and the treatments are effective.

One time, I had a rushed experience and the technician did not adjust the laser level to my comfort.

About the Doctor

Dr. Zhai is a highly experienced physician and cosmetic doctor working at Profile Laser & SkinCare.

Richmond 67 logo

67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic

5580 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2C8

4.5 (37)

67 Degrees was founded on one guiding principle: to use science and technology to stimulate collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, resulting in youthful skin and absolute confidence.

Client Reviews

At 67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic, I had a great experience. The sales rep was very patient and explained the services well, and the doctor was also very nice and explained the process well. They provide affordable options for Botox and are clean, professional, and friendly.

About the Doctors

Dr. Nina He is a graduate of UBC medicine who subsequently went on to pursue residency training in general surgery before she discovered that her heart lies in cosmetics. She is a family physician in the greater Vancouver area with a special interest in dermatology and a passion for enhancing a person’s natural beauty through cutting-edge aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Steven Ma is an Aesthetic Surgeon. He is the Associate Doctor in 67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic.

Richmond Reviva logo

Reviva Laser Skin Clinic

8220 Lansdowne Rd #150B, Richmond, BC V6X 0B3

4.6 (19)

At Reviva Laser Skin Clinic, our mission is to provide the highest level of professional care to our clients by using the safest and latest skin care treatment technologies. We strive to meet your needs while delivering fast, visible results. Along with the experience and knowledge of Dr. Henry Ngai, our clinic provides personalized and effective treatments for a variety of skin conditions.

Client Reviews

I have had a great experience at Reviva Laser Skin Clinic, with Dr. Ngai and his team providing excellent service. They are very knowledgeable, kind, and skilled, with a great bedside manner and a sense of humour. Kate, the assistant, is highly intelligent and helpful, while the rest of the staff are dedicated to providing high-level care. I have been coming here for a long time, due to the complexity of my skin, and the team always makes sure I am fixed up and feeling confident. I highly recommend this clinic.

About the Doctor

Dr. Henry Ngai began practicing medicine in 1991, as active medical staff at Richmond Hospital in Greater Vancouver, BC. He established Reviva Skin Laser Clinic in 2001, pioneering the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) in a cosmetic practice.

Richmond Marjan logo

Marjan Medical Laser

4000 No. 3 Rd #1130, Richmond, BC V6X 0J8

4.9 (75)

Marjan’s passion for medical laser began in 2008. Years of listening to clients and developing skills working with the most advanced technologies inspired her to start her own practice. Marjan saw the positive impact that medical lasers could have on people’s lives by building confidence and self-esteem.

Client Reviews

I have been going to Marjan Medical Laser for a few years now and I can confidently say it is the best laser treatment I have ever received. Marjan is incredibly kind and caring and I always feel relaxed and comfortable in her clinic. She doesn’t require you to purchase a package and offers pay-as-you-go options, which is great. I’m so happy with the results of her treatments after 8 months of going to her clinic. I highly recommend Marjan Medical Laser to anyone and everyone!

About the Doctor

Marjan has been working as a professionally certified Medical Laser Cosmetic practitioner since 2008. Her vast experience and knowledge in Medical Laser Cosmetic allow her to provide her clients, with safe and effective treatments with the least discomfort and downtime throughout the procedures.

Richmond ERT logo

ERT Cosmetic Clinic

10820 No 5 Rd #1010, Richmond, BC V6W 0B5

4.8 (54)

ERT Cosmetic Clinic is a top destination for non-surgical aesthetic enhancements in Mississauga, ON, and Vancouver, BC. Their expert team of physicians and registered nurses provide premium treatments using Health Canada and FDA-certified devices, all in the comfort of their well-designed clinics that resemble the extraordinary splendor of luxury spas.

Client Reviews

I recently visited ERT Cosmetic Clinic and had an amazing experience! The staff were incredibly welcoming and the clinic itself was luxurious. I had Botox and chin filler treatments from Dr. Andrew Dargie and the results were outstanding. He was very accurate and efficient, making the whole experience quick and easy. I’m very pleased with the results and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for exceptional cosmetic treatments.

About the Doctor

Dr. Sam X. Zong is a highly qualified medical professional with an MD and advanced Canadian-Certified Aesthetics Injector certification. He is a member of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC), the College of Family Physicians (CCFP), and the College of Family Physicians Canada (CFPC). He is a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) and a former Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

Richmond Senniyo logo

Senniyo Medical Aesthetics

8193 Alexandra Rd unit 2180, Richmond, BC V6X 1C3

4.6 (34)

Since 1982, they have focused on the beauty industry for nearly 40 years. In recent years, Senniyo has continuously introduced cutting-edge medical beauty equipment and cooperated with the expert team’s years of knowledge and experience to provide Vancouver customers with high-quality medical beauty, body shaping, health care, and spa services.

Client Reviews

I had a great experience at Senniyo Medical Aesthetics. The staff were knowledgeable and helpful, taking the time to find the right products to help my skin. I felt comfortable and the process was professional. After my treatment, I was pleased to see the difference in my skin and I’m looking forward to my next appointment.

About the Doctors

Dr. Jie Bai (MD) is an experienced medical professional who has trained and worked at the Second Military Medical University Changhai Hospital in Shanghai. He is a certified member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. Furthermore, he is an instructor at UBC Medical School and a certified facial medical aesthetics injector.

Dr. Selina Gu is a highly trained and experienced Chinese medicine physician. She graduated from the Clinical Department of Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and was fortunate enough to receive tutelage from the renowned Professor Wang Yinshan. She has been a health consultant for Nanning TV Station for 10 years. Additionally, Dr. Gu has passed the examination of Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and has a BC Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician License. She specializes in Chinese medicine moisturizing, treating migraine, and various intractable diseases.

Richmond Cinderella logo

Cinderella Beauty Clinic Richmond

7031 Westminster Hwy unit 240, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

4.9 (93)

Cinderella Beauty Clinic has been dedicated to serving clients across Metro Vancouver who are seeking their best selves since 2014. Following their first clinic opening its doors to the public in Burnaby in 2017, they are delighted to introduce their second location to Richmond in 2022.

Aspiring to be the benchmark in the field of non-invasive medical aesthetics, they are committed to providing an exceptional client experience and the safest, most effective, and most innovative aesthetic care services to help their clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Client Reviews

I had an amazing experience at Cinderella Beauty Clinic Richmond! The staff were professional, kind, and welcoming, and the environment was pleasant. I was very impressed with the advanced technology and highly proficient clinical skills of Kelvin and Rachael. My skin felt better than ever after my visit, and I would highly recommend this beauty clinic to anyone. I’m definitely coming back here again!

About the Doctor

Dr. Andy Chen MD

  • Medical School Instructor
  • Certified Facial Aesthetics Injector of BC
  • Member of the College of Physicians of Canada
  • Member of the college of Physicians and Surgeons of BC Certified Doctor of BC
Richmond Skin Studio logo


8491 Alexandra Rd #2180, Richmond, BC V6X 1C3

4.8 (21)

At Skin Studio MD, in the heart of Richmond, they combine their team of Vancouver’s top beauty and skincare experts with advanced medical technology. They like to think of their treatments as the beauty product that doesn’t wash off. Their skincare experts and laser technicians take the time to consult on your treatments before they work to ensure you’re happy each and every time!

Client Reviews 

I had a great experience at Skin Studio MD! The staff was very friendly and helpful, and the space was clean and modern. I had a facial slimming Botox treatment and a Fotona 4D Smooth Eye treatment, which were both reasonably priced and tailored to my individual goals. Everyone at Skin Studio MD was pleasant and knowledgeable, and they even checked in with me afterward to make sure I was happy with the results. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone!

About the Doctor

Dr. Bella Bai is a highly qualified medical doctor who has earned her MD from Second Military Medical University Changhai Hospital in Shanghai. She is a certified CCFP of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and is a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. In addition, Dr. Bai is an instructor at UBC Medical School and a certified facial medical aesthetics injector. Her commitment to excellence in the field of medicine is evident in her membership of a Doctor of BC.

Richmond MEDI SPA LA BELLA logo


3740 Chatham St, Richmond, BC V7E 2Z3

5.0 (46)

Medi Spa La Bella is a body sculpting and skin care facility that provides an exhilarating body transformation experience that focuses not only on achieving the results of your wildest expectations but creates your desired results within a coordinated plan to transcend yourself into a model specimen of personal excellence.

At Medi Spa La Bella, they have great pride in the excellence associated with offering the best skin and body treatments available in the world!

Client Reviews

I recently had my 8th treatment at MEDI SPA LA BELLA and I’m amazed at the results. After 7 treatments, I noticed my blemishes and marks reducing and my skin becoming shinier. I experienced some small short-term side effects like a few pimples, but they usually disappeared in a week. The staff were gentle and kind, making the experience very worth it. Overall, I would highly recommend MEDI SPA LA BELLA as they are the best of the best.

About the Medical Professional

Adriana Czech is a Licensed Skin Therapist with an extensive background in personal care. She is also a personal trainer who excels in nutrition, exercise, and strength and conditioning therapy. Thirdly, she is a certified lash technician with a degree in body sculpting and rejuvenation.